Our team

We are a small team composed of just a few individuals located around the world, all working towards the same goals- to raise awareness of the Podenco crisis and to help the Podencos in need.

Our Founders

Irene and Steve Allan


Irene and Steve Allan previously ran a dog grooming business together in Scotland for 30 years. They moved to Orihuela (south of Alicante) in Spain in 2014 where they began to rescue Podencos at the first Hope for Podencos sanctuary. They set up the Hope for Podencos charity in Spain and Gran Canaria with friend and benefactor Suzannah Stacey in 2015.

They have committed their lives to rescuing and rehabilitating the often forgotten and mistreated hunting dogs in Spain. Steve provides transport to the Podencos between Spain and the UK.


Suzannah Stacey

Suzannah Stacey worked as a veterinarian in England for 14 years and had always been committed to the plight of the Podencos in Gran Canaria, but decided in 2017 to fully dedicate her life to their cause. She sold her house in the UK in 2017 to help purchase the Hope for Podencos centre in Albacete in November 2017 where her charity “Saving the Gran Canaria Podencos” was to be united with Hope for Podencos (Irene and Steve’s charity).

Tragically, she unexpectedly passed away of an aneurysm on 23 January of 2018, aged 52. Prior to her death she had not finalised all the documents to secure the funds needed for the purchase of the centre, but with our supporters behind us we raised €120,000 in a very short time frame and her legacy can live on.

We have now been working on completing a new kennel block dedicated to her called the Suzannah Stacey Saving the Gran Canaria Podencos Memorial Kennels.


These amazing members of our team are a wonderful resource if you have any questions regarding what the process is like to adopt in your area or questions about podencos in general. They may not be able to answer questions about specific dogs that are available for adoption at the centre, but can share their personal experiences about adopting one of these wonderful dogs.

UK: Irene and Steve Allan
E-mail: hopeforpodencos@outlook.com


Scandanavia: Claes Nordin
Facebook: Claes Nordin
Instagram: @onlydogscanjudgeme


“I've started doing home checks for Hope for Podencos in the Stockholm area but I travel a lot and I'm often in Göteborg and Malmö as well. If you're interested in the process of adopting a dog or just curious about the requirements you can contact me. I'll do my best to share what I know and my experience with adopting Daphne.

Of course all decisions and everything around the adoption is going through Hope For Podencos. However, I'm gladly here to answer questions and discuss the possibilities and if Hope For Podencos think it sounds like things could work out me and Daphne would do a home check.”


Switzerland: Iva de Lasse
E-mail: idelasse@outlook.com
Instagram: @iva_wanderlust

In addition to being the ambassador for Switzerland, Iva also helps run the HFP Instagram.

Iva de Lasse has been surrounded by animals since she was a young girl. In Canada she studied to become a Veterinary Assistant and worked in a 24 hour Animal Hospital as a nurse. In her mid-thirties, Iva moved to Europe and now lives in Switzerland.  She fell in love with Podencos back in 2010 while volunteering at a dog shelter in Southern Spain. She has a sweet Lurcher/Podenco Cross named Archie, and a Rough-Coated funny Podenca called Lola. 

Iva heard of Hope For Podencos via Instagram and she was quickly smitten with one special girl at the centre named Jara (in picture).  From then on, Iva decided she wanted to help HFP. She has been a flight buddy for two of our Podencos, and has driven one of the mountain pups to his forever home in Switzerland.  

As an Ambassador  for HFP in Switzerland, Iva looks forward to assisting potential forever families before, during and after the adoption process.  Iva can communicate in English, Spanish and French, and also speaks some German. 


USA: Michele Peters
E-mail: hfpusaambassador@yahoo.com


“I've had Greyhounds for many years and adopted my first Galgo in 2015.   I had waited for a long time to adopt a Podenco and that time finally came in 2017- I worked with Royal Sighthound Connection and Hope for Podencos.   The love, care and commitment to these amazing dogs was evident in all facets of the adoption process.  To date, I have 3 Pods, a Greyhound and a Galgo and can't imagine life without them!

As a USA ambassador, I look forward to assisting potential forever families in any way I can before, during and after adoption.  Working in the veterinary field, I am familiar with medical and behavior issues and can help direct adopters to appropriate solutions.”


IMG_0275 2.JPG

Germany: Johannes Kerschl

Social Media, website, and outreach

Caroline Strecker- Instagram


Caroline adopted Sunny (formerly Ivan) from Hope for Podencos in the summer of 2017 and was the creator of the HFP Instagram and helped to run the HFP Instagram, helping Irene and Steve to raise awareness of the plight of this incredible breed, find new homes and occasionally raise funds. She was instrumental in helping save the centre in early 2018 through persistent fundraising and connecting with our supporters on Instagram.

She also runs her own business called Rag of Colts, creating and selling hand made and hand stitched vintage leather bags.

E-mail: strecker1@gmail.com
Instagram: @carolinestrecker, @ragofcolts


Clare Kitchener- Website and Facebook

Clare adopted her Podenco Lottie from HFP and offered her help as she works in IT. She helped to redesign the website and was instrumental in helping save the centre in early 2018 through persistent fundraising and connecting with our supporters on Facebook.

She has been to the HFP centre to volunteer and is happy to share her experiences with anyone that is interested in volunteering.


Amber Alexander- Home checks, Shop sales (T-shirts, calendars)

Amber adopted her three podencos Macu, Mila and Lucia and has been a vital member of the HFP team ever since. She has been helping with calendar sales, home checks and other merchandise sales for Hope for Podencos.


Alyssa Chen- Website, Instagram, Volunteer Calendar


Alyssa became involved in HFP after connecting with Caroline on Instagram when they were fundraising and sharing posts to save the centre in early 2018. She set up a volunteering trip with Michele in May 2018 and has been helping with updating the website and Volunteer Calendar ever since. She also helps run the HFP Instagram with Iva.

She has been to the HFP centre to volunteer and is happy to share her experiences with anyone that is interested in volunteering.

E-mail: alyssaychen@gmail.com
Instagram: @zella.and.winnie, @achennn


Danielle Arthur- Monthly and Podparent Newsletters, Virtual Adoptions

Danielle adopted her first Podenco Lilly from the SSPCA in Aberdeen (Scotland), who had come from a Spanish rescue. When the SSPCA tagged her in a post a year later, she connected with Irene Allan, who was able to provide info on Lilly’s full history. She was in touch with Irene, Steve and the charity since.

She has been to the HFP centre to volunteer (and to adopt her second Podenco Loki) and is happy to share her experiences with anyone that is interested in volunteering.

E-mail: dnllarthur@outlook.com

If you would like to come visit the centre to volunteer, please read more here and complete the volunteer application here.