How Give a pod a life and hope for podencos started

In July 2017 we posted a video named 'a hundred thousands angels' as we wanted to raise awareness to the gravity of the situation the Podencos face on a daily basis. Shelters are overflowing, as was our previous sanctuary in Alicante and nothing is worse than having to say 'No' to a Podenco in need.

Four weeks later at the end of July 2017 we were asked to help a Podenco that seemed to be old and too weak to even walk. Although we were full we took her in and named her 'Princess Leia', we took her to our vet immediately where blood tests were taken and wounds were cared for, but still she needed to be hospitalised there and then. Princess Leia was covered in bite wounds, was extremely skinny and had numerous infections. Her paws were swollen, her eyes were infected and her entire body was covered with ticks. She was in a great deal of pain and was hardly able to even react. 

She was however, not old. Princess Leia was a Podenco girl of about 1 year young...

Blood tests showed she had several diseases, such as Leishmania and Ehrlichia. She had been in this critical situation for a long time, completely neglected and left. She had been attacked by many with severe internal wounds, to make things worse she was completely blind and therefore even more vulnerable when left with no care. 

Can you imagine being so young, in such a state and not knowing where your attackers were even coming from, because you can't see? Her wounds were deep into her womb and up near her kidneys.

We were ever hopeful and many kind generous supporters donated towards her care and rehabilitation, and after two days we saw a little ray of light,  when she ate even the tiniest amount. 

Sadly, come August 1st, after antibiotics, tests, blood transfusions, and the basics of food, water and care, her fragile and battered body could fight no longer and our Princess Leia passed away.

The Hope for Podencos team and community all around the world were heartbroken and sick to our stomachs. We see many tragic and appalling cases of neglect and abuse, but this was too much for us to bear, we had to up our game and push even harder to try and ensure we were never witness to an atrocity like this again.

There and then we decided to make sure Princess Leia did not die in vain. We would strive to set up an even bigger, better equipped Centre so we could help fight this cause and save the Podencos in need, supporting and educating our communities to see that change is needed and things can and must be different.  


The Podenco Centre WE have aquired

The Universe somehow played a huge part. We had seen a property earlier and loved it, but we dare not dream about such a haven for Podencos. 250.000 Euros seemed far beyond our reach.

The courage of Princess Leia who fought for her life, her entire life, made us decide we should be courageous too. We revisited the property, started the project and now run the charity "Hope for Podencos" from our new centre.



20.000 m2 with plenty of room for many Podencos, including large areas to freely walk and run about, a nursery for ill Podencos, kennels and lots of space for volunteers too.

But this site requires a lot of renovation and will be running regular mini projects to get to where we need to be.


The many angels that help us so much helped even further by proposing to create a crowdfunding page to raise funding for this Centre for the many Podencos in need.

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