The Suzannah Stacey Saving the gran canaria memorial kennels,
An Appeal to our supporters


As many of you may remember, it was only ten months ago we had to raise 120.000 euros in one month to save the centre when Suzannah Stacey suddenly passed. Miraculously, we were able to raise the money and the centre is now owned in the name of Hope for Podencos. A year in, we have taken in 90 podencos with 65 finding their forever homes, but are only at 1/ 3 capacity as we are operating out of a half-derelict site. We have been turning away many podencos in need the last three months as we are at maximum capacity.

As a memorial to Suzannah Stacey, one of our cofounders, we are fundraising to build 11 more kennels, which would allow us to take in 22 more dogs. In addition, we would like to add a puppy unit for those in quarantine so they are able to enjoy some outdoor space to play and be safe.

The Suzannah Stacey Saving the Gran Canaria Memorial Kennels will help us fulfill Suzannah’s legacy. We are asking for your help to make her dream a reality. Please visit our GoFundMe page to contribute.

Together we are stronger.

Founded by Irene and Steve Allan, Hope for Podencos is situated in Albacete, Spain

Most podencos are rescued from Gran Canaria and the mainland of Spain. Once safe at Hope for Podencos, all Podencos receive medical care and are assessed and matched with their new families. They are neutered/castrated over 6 months, receive worm and flea treatment and a full blood test before travel.

Hope for Podencos does not distinguish between age and mix, Podenco mixes, senior Podencos as well as puppies are all welcome.

Most Podencos are abandoned in fields and by the roadside or brought to killing shelters after having served their hunter well.

Podencos can be adopted in countries such as the UK, France, Germany,The Netherlands, Czech Republic, USA and Canada where full back up is available if the adoption does not go as planned.

We have recently launched our Facebook online shop where you can soon purchase our fabulous 2019 calendar amongst many other wonderful gifts and items for yourself!

We have many ways in which you can support our charity and these beautiful dogs, our new Venture Give a Pod a Life Project where we are trying to raise funds for our new centre, our Hope for Podencos Food Fund where we ask for monthly donations to care for our Pods awaiting adoption and our  Amazon Wish List for purchases as often or as little as you would like for the bits and bobs we need as they come up. A special form of collaboration is to participate in our Virtual Adoption program and become the sponsor of one of the animals that live in the rescue centre or are reserved in the perrera.