You may or may not know that we have some long-stayers here at Hope for Podencos, dogs that for some reason or no reason, just don’t get picked, don’t have the chance to show that they can be amazing family dogs. So…we are introducing the Hope for Podencos Longer-Term Foster Project.

We are looking for some special people, people with endless patience, kindness and love. We need people willing to spend the extra time and energy to help a long-stayer grow into the best dog it can be, to be ready to be part of a family.

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Each dog will need a different amount of time depending on its circumstances and that’s what longer-term fostering is all about. No rush for adoption, just moving at the dog’s pace, introducing them to house training, routine, roads, cars, trains, cats, kids, noise, bustle and being on their own sometimes, so that they become relaxed in a family setting. Having a resident dog helps a lot too as the fosters can learn so much from them and follow their lead.


It’s not just the dogs that will benefit either, as having a number of Longer-Term fosterers around the UK will allow potential adopters to visit and get to know the foster-dog and vice-versa. As a Longer-Term fosterer, you will get so much joy out of helping and watching a dog come out of its shell, learn about the world, grow in confidence and become a happy and healthy hound!

Hope for Podencos will continue to be responsible for vet’s fees should the foster-dog need medical assistance or vaccine updates and will be there, along with our UK based Longer-Term Foster Co-ordinators to help with anything else along the way.


If you would like to be part of our Longer-Term Foster Project please fill out the Foster Form. If you have any questions, please contact us at hopeforpodencos@outlook.com.

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