why adopt frOm us?

Most of the Podencos who come under our care have either came to us abandoned in the countryside or from Perreras (dog pounds). These Podencos have been subjected to long term abuse, no adequate food, locked up in dark buildings tied up with a chain 24/7 so they can`t fight for food or a bitch in season. They may get fed twice a week, dry bread or scraps from local restaurants, IF they are lucky. They suffer mental and physical abuse with no veterinary treatment.

These Podencos have never lived in a house, all they have known of life is a trailer packed with other dogs, let out to retrieve the rabbits or other prey, serving their master as best they know how, hoping for a little praise but none comes.

We have turned our finca into a sanctuary for these wonderful dogs and strive to create a home environment as close as possible to normal family life as this is our greatest wish. They spend time in the house getting used to the noise of the television, washing machine and we play music in the kennel area so they get accustomed to that also.

All our new Podencos get to meet our fluffy dogs as we doubt the only fluffy they have seen is a rabbit. We feel this prepares them for meeting different breeds and pets when they leave us.


We also have two German Shepherds who along with our own Podencos play a huge part in the rehabilitation process.

We live and breathe Podencos 24/7 knowing their character, fears and the funny loving side of this breed.

All our Podencos are microchipped, vet checked to be cleared of all medical conditions or so we can advise of any special needs they may have and are castrated/neutered. We provide all passports and travel documentation and organise the travel to get your chosen Podenco to you .

We also now have our own transport van, fully air conditioned throughout that can travel with a maximum 12 dogs, Defra and Traces system registered.

It is of huge importance to us that our dogs travel with the minimum of stress and maximum of comfort after all they have been through, when travelling to their forever home.

And when we deliver your Podenco we can personally chat to the new family and assist in any integration needs with other pets.

To adopt one of our Podencos please complete the preadoption form.