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A special form of collaboration is to virtually adopt and become the sponsor of our podencos in need that live in the rescue centre or are reserved in the perrera. For 10€ per month or 115€ per year you can participate in our podencos’ care. In return, every month we will send you an e-mail with news and photos about a podenco in particular need that month.

Our virtual adoption is a program we designed, so that anybody, from a distance, can help the podencos in our rescue centre.

All of our podencos are part of this program until they are adopted. To make you feel like you are part of their lives, like another member of the family, we will send you information and pictures, every month for a podenco in particular need each month.

The costs for virtual adoption are 10 euros a month, and you can transfer that into our account every month, or make a payment every 3 months or every 6 months, or even once a year, for a total of 115 euro. 

It is obvious that 10 euro a month does not cover the cost of keeping an animal because the cost of their care and food is a lot higher than that. So the charges for virtual adoption are more symbolic , but with that amount you are helping all the animals at Hope for Podencos.

Virtual adoption is beneficial to all, not only do you get the gratitude from the podenco in need each month, but from all the podencos and of course all the people that are a part of Hope for Podencos.

We frequently have puppies at the centre and need “Podparents” to help sponsor them while they are at the centre until they are adopted. Sponsors will receive exclusive updates of the puppy’s litter, including photos and videos. There is a separate form for podparents here.

If you have any questions, send us an email  and we are happy to answer them.

With loving kisses, hugs, nibbles and licks from everyone at Hope for Podencos,

We love you and we need you.

If you are determined to adopt virtually or you have any doubts about it, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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