Trini now Coco (adopted)

Trini was one of three Podenco x Pointer mix puppies that were no longer safe and were brought to us at the end of September 2018.

“We have decided to call her Coco and she is settling in great, she’s made the house hers and won our hearts in just two days! She loves to sleep on the sofa and tries to chew our toes. She gets a bit nervous when we go for walks but hopefully she will gain confidence with time. She’s such a lovely girl and we do hope Jacob will get his forever sofa soon. We will keep you updated, for now it’s bed time for all of us after a crazy weekend!”

Trini is now Coco and lives with her podenco sister Magali (Maga) in Scotland. You can follow their adventures on their Instagram account @twopodsonesofa.

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