Raspi now loki (adopted by Danielle)

Raspi is an Ibicenco pup found wandering the streets by Marta who rescued him from a young girl who was going to take him to the pound. Danielle fell in love with him while volunteering at the centre.

“If I could have, I would have taken home a whole pack of dogs – but I had to resign myself to just one.  Loki - a pup found in the mountains on his own - played a smart game and knew I was his from the moment we met. He ended up sleeping in my room whilst I was there!  Since my visit I have become more actively involved in helping the charity and have set up a monthly donation as I have seen first hand how far a little can go. The centre has so much potential, but needs the support of the volunteers for this to be realised. I am happy to play a part in this.”

Loki now lives in Scotland with a Podenco sister Lilly.

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