irka and her Puppies

These eight pups and their mama were rescued and transported to the centre by Gabriella and Paco on 19/7/19. She was trying her best to look after her babies in a disused farmhouse, scavenging for food. Mama is a Podenco/Breton spaniel mix.

Thank you so much to our podparents for sponsoring these pups until they are ready to be adopted.


more information on Irka and her Puppies


Date of Birth: xx.xx.xx
Height: 60 cm

Irka has been a wonderful mama to her puppies. We will post more information when able.



Date of Birth: 19.06.19
Height: 50-55 cm when fully grown
Color: white/red

Prada (female)- adopted
Dixie (female)- reserved
Logan (male)- adopted
JoJo (male)
Oscar (male)
Piper (female)

These puppies are Podenco/Breton Spaniel mixes and are super affectionate. They will be available for adoption at 8 weeks old in Spain and Europe or elsewhere after they are around 4 months old. All the pups will be vaccinated, microchipped and have passports. See our Instagram for more updated photos.

To adopt one of these puppies or Irka please complete our preadoption form.