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If you have any questions about one of our Podencos, please contact us at or send Irene Allan a Facebook message at Hope For Podencos Facebook

Please complete our adoption form below. It is our policy to make certain that each person who applies to adopt a dog is fully aware of the responsibilities of dog ownership, and is capable of and willing to accept those responsibilities morally, physically and financially. Not every person who applies to adopt can meet those basic requirements.

By completing this form, you will be assisting us in determining if you and your family are indeed ready for dog ownership, and if the dog you have an interest in would suit you and your family’s lifestyle. This is a lifetime commitment, and you should only complete the form if you are willing to undertake this.


Once we receive the form, we will set up a time to have a telephone call to chat. We will then arrange a home visit to ensure the safety and security of a podenco inside the house and garden. Once you have passed the home check, we organize transport for the podenco to your home.

Pre-Adoption form

Name *
Address *
Home Phone
Home Phone
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Mobile Phone *
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Ages of people in the home *
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Type of property *
Does your home have a garden/yard? *
Is your garden/yard securely fenced in? *
If securely fenced, how tall are your walls/fences?
If rental accomodation, do you have the landlord's permission to have a dog at this address? *
Please list each dog(s) breed, age, sex and whether they are castrated/neutered; if no other dogs in the home, please type "N/A"
Please list each dog(s) breed, age, sex, whether they were castrated/neutered, and what happened (i.e. died, sold/gave away, rescued out); if no previous dogs, please type "N/A"
Do you have cats? *
If no pets, please type "N/A"
Are you aware of the ongoing costs involved in keeping an animal (i.e. vaccinations, worming, feeding, flea control and any other vet treatment which it may require? *
I acknowledge the following: your new dog has been vaccinated, microchipped, passported, blood tested for Leishmania, Fliaria, Ehrlichia, Lyme, and dewormed, as well as given flea treatment and will be sterilized/neutered. If it's a puppy under 6 months, then no blood tests will be taken. *
I understand that a donation is to be paid for a dog or puppy and this is a small contribution towards upkeep and vet treatment *
I give permission for a trusted volunteer to complete a home check on my property when and if needed *
You understand that the dog will be rehomed as a pet and is not to be kept outside whether chained or left in a kennel. The dog is to be a companion and not used as a guard dog or for breeding purposes. Hope for Podencos retains ownership of the dog, and reserves the right to reclaim the dog if it is suspected that it is not being fed, housed or cared for to the satisfaction of the rescue. Should the dog ever leave your care, it must be returned to Hope for Podencos BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT or a new home must be vetted by Hope for Podencos. You understand that you retain the full liability for any vet fees incurred from the time of adoption unless the dog is on foster scheme. You understand that although we tell you everything we know about a dog we are rehoming, we do not always have a complete history and therefore we cannot guarantee health/behavior 100%. Hope for Podencos will provide ongoing support to all adopters of their animals. It may take 6 months or more for a dog to settle in to its new home. I understand that Hope for Podencos cannot refund any money after the adoption. *
Please type your name below to complete the application
Please check this box if you would like for us to call you after you have submitted the form for a chat *

Thank you very much for completing the questionnaire and expressing an interest in adopting a dog. We trust you will appreciate the importance in matching the right family with the right dog. We will contact you in due course to arrange a home check at a mutually convenient date and time.