Pancho is a true character and loves nothing more than flipping over to get belly rubs. He is great with all other dogs and absolutely adores people.

“When I first saw Pancho on an Instagram post it was love at first sight. But then he was already reserved. A few weeks later HFP communicated that the home check failed and that Pancho was free for adoption again.

For me it was clear to contact Irene and Steve telling them that I would love to adopt him. Two weeks later (19.12.18), Iva (volunteer) brought Pancho (together with Bertie) to Switzerland), where I went to pick him up. Pancho was afraid of all the noises and people, so I carried him in my arms to the car. When we arrived at home we went to bed, because it was already late.

The next day, Pancho met his cat brother Nilo and his dog sister Pitufa. Pancho loved Pitufa from the beginning. She’s his big sister and helped/helps him in a lot of different situations.

During the first days Pancho was nervous and observed every step I made. But slowly it got better every day and now he `is a relaxed goofball. He makes me laugh a lot, especially when he doesn’t want to leave the house for a walkie: he lays on the ground and plays “dead dog.” On the walks he’s mostly a good boy, good in recall and does not leave my side, except if there are mouse holes. He’s a mummy’s boy and follows me everywhere. That’s why in the beginning he had problems with staying alone. But now he knows that I always come back and would never leave him. So he’s calm and stays in his bed. Pancho enriches every second of my life and I thank HFP for bringing this amazing dog to me.”

He is now living in Switzerland with a cat brother Nilo and dog sister Pitufa. They share an Instagram where you can follow their adventures here.

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