KRISSY (adopted by cathy)

Wallflowers of the world, there is hope.
For 3 years I waited, just hearing ‘nope’.

I was nervous and jumpy, I was ever so scared.
I never thought I would find a family that cared.

Irene and Steve told me not to worry, I would be fine,
Someone would hear my story and they would be mine.

I’ve only been here for a few weeks
But I wag my tail and talk lots in squeaks.

I follow my new mum everywhere she goes,
Unless I`m lying in the sun having a doze.

My new best friend Connie came from Spain too,
She keeps me company and shows me what to do.

Sophie has just finished her exams and is going to help look after me,
I`ll be able to share her bed and she can make sure I eat my tea.

So THANK YOU to all of you who help Podencos like me,
No longer the wallflower, I’m now part of MY family’s tree.

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