Jessica and Jeremy came to us from Malaga. They have spent all of their young lives in the residence part of a kill shelter. They were absolutely terrified when they first arrived without  a clue what love is. They are now starting to settle and smile, starting to respond to love, attention and affection; their confidence is building. We would love to find these two homes as quickly as possible as they really need love, affection and security.

more information on Jessica

Date of Birth: 01.01.18
Height: 60cm when fully grown

Jessica arrived from a kill shelter in Malaga where she spent all of her short life. She is in desperate need of love and attention and a family to love her. She is a beautiful girl and we would love to find her a home as soon as possible to counteract the misery she suffered as a tiny pup.

Jessica will be neutered and tested for Mediterranean diseases at an upcoming vet visit. She is up for adoption now.

To adopt Jessica please complete our preadoption form.