Gaia’s Puppies

Gaia was pregnant when she arrived at the centre on 11/16/18 after being caught by Michel Rescued Dog. She gave birth at the centre on 11/23/18 to 9 healthy puppies- 3 girls and 6 boys. We named them after Santa’s reindeer because the holiday season is so close and there were exactly 9 pups.

Thank you so much to our podparents for sponsoring these pups until they are ready to be adopted.

Click HERE for additional photos and videos of the puppies!


more information on Gaia’s Puppies

Date of Birth: 23.11.18
Height: 60cm when fully grown

Donner- male, white with brown spots, brown patch over eye
Rudolph- male, brown with narrow white patch from head to back
Comet- male, brown with large white on forehead
Dancer- female, black, small
Prancer- female, white with small black spot on left ear
Dasher- male, light brown with dark eye patches
Vixen- female, dark brown/black, lighter brown eyebrows and chin
Blitzen- male, black (adopted)
Cupid- male, white with black/brown spot on left ear

These puppies will be available for adoption once they are at least 4 months old. All the pups will be vaccinated, microchipped and have passports.

To adopt one of these puppies please complete our preadoption form.