Frolin (adopted by Michele)

Frolin was 10 years old when he was at the centre and has part of his jaw missing which happened when he was younger. It doesn't stop him from eating and he just loves attention and gives ten fold back. He loves to play with the girls not so happy with the boys as he was attacked when he was in the pound. He now lives in the USA with Michele who is one of our volunteers.

“Frolin recently celebrated his 11th birthday on July 1st! Frolin made himself at home from the moment he walked in- he came home to 2 other Pods, Ptolemy and Alce, a galgo- Lazarus and a retired greyhound- Reimer.

All of the dogs are getting along very well. Frolin enjoys his many walks sniffing and looking for squirrels! I keep telling him he's retired but there's no slowing him down! He's the happiest, toughest little guy who runs around the house with a happy face and a tail the does not stop wagging!! We all love him very much.”

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