Abandoned and left to wander the streets after getting herself loose from a rope or chain than was so tight round her neck it had caused her throat neck and chest area to be damaged. The muscles in her back legs didn't exist so she had trouble walking and as far as we could see one mammary tumour.

She was afraid but went into her bed in the kennel with the blanket as if she knew she was safe now, we have called her Fenella.

Fenella has been to the Wellness Centre to see Alejandro and had an xray on her spine and its fine, she also had all her joints looked and the prognosis is good for her. She is an old lady looking for a comfy sofa and is still very afraid at first, but she gets there as you can see from the gallery.

more information on FENELLA...

Date of Birth: 21.04.07
Sex: Female
Height: 62cm

Fenella is neutered and up for adoption now.

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