Cruz was found wandering in a graveyard with her puppy Haribo. She was only a baby herself at just 13 months old when she was rescued. Cruz and Haribo were brought to us by Miriam who volunteers with the shelter Protectora de Herencia, Qualidice. Huge thanks to everyone involved in the rescue. Haribo has been adopted, but Cruz is still waiting for her forever home.

more information on Cruz

Date of Birth: 01.07.17
Height: 32cm

Cruz is a lovely pretty Podenco Andaluz, she has the sweetest nature. She was adopted and planning to travel to the USA - but sadly the home check found that the garden fence was not high enough and this little pocket rocket will need a minimum of 5 ft to secure her. As you can see, she doesn’t think twice about jumping on top of the washing machine for a snooze.

Cruz is neutered, free from all Mediterranean disease and is available for adoption now.

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