Bunty's puppies

Bunty was rescued from her alcoholic owner and brought to us. Her owner has previously killed and disposed of other litters of her puppies, but still not had her spayed. These little ones are safe now and  are looking for homes of their own, as is their sweet mama Bunty.

more information on Bunty's puppies

Date of Birth: 21.04.18
Height: 40-50cm when fully grown

These adorable Podenco Andaluz puppies are so sweet and happy. There are some real characters here.

Photo 1: Munro
Photo 2: Glenn (adopted)
Photo 3: Reya (adopted)
Photo 4: Bonnie
Photo 5: Maple (adopted)
Photo 6: Lupin
Photo 7: Bracken

The puppies will have a vet visit soon and are ready for adoption now.

To adopt Bunty's puppies please complete our preadoption form.