In memoriam Princess Leia

Irene had told me a podenco from Valencia would be brought in, handed over to her care and would most probably need care of a vet. She had shown me a picture of this podenco and we received information she was old and had a problem with her legs. She was very weak and tired. Irene named her Princess Leia.

Leia was brought in at the vet and we were in the waiting room. Irene quickly saw she was not old, but very young, appr. 1 year of age. We also saw she was extremely slow in responding, had many vicious bite wounds - that were older. She had a big open wound near her kidneys and her feet were very swollen from the bites and infection. Her eyes looked horrible. She could barely open them and she was so skinny, we thought she would break. She was covered in ticks, that were thick, round and already drying up - another sign she had been in this shape for quite some time.

The vets were as overwhelmed as we were. They examined her, took blood that was as 'thin' as water (which is never a good sign) for testing and tried to clean up the wounds. This, of course, hurt a lot, but Leia was tough and she held on.

First blood test results came in - it was worse than we thought. She was immediately hospitalised. I made a video of her, ending with the words: "That is just ..." and I could not find the words to finish that sentence. That bad a shape she was in. Irene told the vet over and over again: "You make her better", "You make her better".

We left her in the excellent care of the vets, that had already saved my Miky and many other podencos before Miky. The next day, Leia was eating a bit, and we believed this to be a good sign.

More blood results came in. Leia had Leishmania and Ehrlichia, from all those ticks. And we learned she had been raped by many dogs and was BLIND. 

Monday, July 31st, despite blood transfusions and all else the vets tried, she passed away.