Bertie, now bilbo (adopted by christian)

Bertie was found on Gran Canaria collapsed, with a chain around his neck- so dehydrated, starving and exhausted he couldn’t even lift his head. He was infested with parasites and it looked like it wouldn’t make it, but he did! Bertie has been in recovery with Sabine and was finally well enough to travel. He arrived to the centre in early November 2018. Bertie is a little Podenco Andaluz, found full of ticks and just a bag of bones. He has a huge arthrosis at the joint at his knee and his patella is floating on the outside of his knee, but it was decided that even surgery could not guarantee that he would not still be lame in his leg. We decided not to operate as the outcome could be the same. He is very happy running around with the other pods and doesn’t seem to notice his leg.

He is now living in Switzerland, you can follow his adventures on Instagram here.

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