Alan was in Galicia in a perrera called “Los Olivadados de la Perrera de Ribeira.” He came to the perrera in a very bad physical state. He had open wounds on his head, abdomen and neck. Mentally he was shut down. These injuries were not caused by another animal. They were clearly inflicted by a person with a sharp object. One of his ears has also been cut off.

More Information on Alan

Date of Birth: 15.04.12
Height: 50 cm

Alan has just arrived at the centre and is being treated for his many wounds. The veterinarian found a lump on the back of his head which was likely caused by a “wide type” collar that he must have worn for many years. This has left an indentation behind his head where the skin and muscle have been pushed up and it may just sadly stay that way. The good news is that it is not something malignant. He is on anti-inflammatory meds for 10 days and has also begun treatment for the bacteria in his ears.

Alan is neutered, free from all Mediterranean diseases and available for adoption now.

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